It’s that time again faSHUNistas! Are you ready to transform your brand and your life?

Come join Shun Melson as she holds her annual FaSHUN 101 class! Whether you are just in the beginning stages or have been in the business for a while, this introduction is a must for all aspiring stylists! FaSHUN 101 is an introduction to basic principles behind the styling business.

Come with an open mind and leave with priceless knowledge and expertise as she shares all the inside secrets on client retention, the importance of the high-low fashion industry, and provide the necessities that every aspiring stylist should have in their closet…plus more!

Shun Melson will discuss topics such as:

  • How to get started in the fashion industry
  • Building relationships with clients
  • Closet OrganizaSHUN
  • Personal Shopping
  • Various ways a stylist can earn revenue
  • Dealing with labels vs. personal clients
  • Items that should be in your stylist kit
  • Creating binding contracts & agreements
  • Becoming an intern for Shun Melson

**Includes a certificate and a detailed booklet of all topics covered**
**Light Lunch will be provided and stylist t-shirts and style kits will be available for purchase**

  • I want to thank you Shun for sharing your knowledge. It's because of you that I have step out of my comfort zone and started working on my boutique. I want to thank you for your humble spirit. You gave me the courage to succeed and not procrastinate. You inspired me to move forward and not be defeated by evil. I believe fear is of the devil and all things are possible with god. Thank you for fashun 101!

  • I can't thank you enough for taking the time and having this class. You have been a blessing to me, even if you aren't aware of how much of an impact this experience has had on my life. I woke up excited this morning to put your lessons to work. Thank you again, and I pray God continues to bless all of you as you have been a blessing and inspirashun for me.

  • Yesterday I got to sit down & meet, talk to & learn from one of my fashion idols & now mentor @shunmelson. #FaShun101 was everything I thought it would be. I have more motivation to hustle & grind to be one of the greatest.